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How to Pick the perfect pair of Weight Lifting Gloves for you

If you are an enthusiastic weight lifter, lifting gloves are very important in your life. Well, since you can find a lot of brands in the market, it is a bit tricky to find what is best for you. Along these lines, we thought of giving a recommendation about purchasing a good product for you. Here is your complete guide for perfect pair of weight lifting gloves to maximize the effectiveness of your daily workouts.

Why you should wear weight lifting gloves for workouts?

Mainly, it is about the grip! Then blisters, Calluses, support on the wrist and dividing the pressure on the hands. Some people may see that as a block between you and equipment, but some may never go to the gym without their lifting gloves. Here is why you should wear weight lifting gloves.

weight lifting gloves

The grip is the most important fact here!

It is an obvious thing that your hands get very damp with sweat during lifting or some other exercise. So to abstain from sliding and changing the grip, you can use a pair of lifting gloves. Especially for the pull-ups, it could be hard to lift and hold weights over the body for a long time. Since then your gloves always will make the routine more secure than doing it without gloves.

Blisters and Calluses

When you do lifting for a long time, there is a chance to get Blisters and Calluses in your hands. Therefore, if you want to avoid that or to hide existing Blisters, you can always use a pair of lifting gloves.

Pressure on the palm

Wearing Weight lifting gloves can help you to bare more pressure during a workout. So you get to handle more weights beyond your limitations safely with the gloves than your naked hands.

Wrist Support

Weight lifting gloves with wrist wraps are a good option for heavy lifters. It is very helpful for preventing wrist injuries and to heal current wrist injuries as well. Especially the dual Velcro straps are better to keep the gloves fit. Keep in your mind to see that if you are looking for a new pair to buy.

What to look for in weight lifting gloves?

If you are a heavy lifter, you can always buy full covered gloves with extra wrist wraps or extra support. But for light weight lifting, you can use a one to cover only your hands. And the material is also very important for a perfect pair of weight lifting gloves. The target of weight lifting gloves is protecting your hands for a long time, so durability is also a very important fact for buying a new pair.

best weight lifting gloves
best weight lifting gloves

How to find the best weight lifting gloves in the market?

Since there are several brands of lifting gloves these days, here are our first five picks for the best weight lifting gloves in the market.

  1. Trideer Workout Gloves, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip Gloves

As described in the name, it has good protection for full arm including the thumb. Since made with microfiber material, it is very lightweight. And Trideer has put a layer of silica gel into the palm area to give a better grip for you. Also, you get a good firmness with the double Velcro wrist wrap for secure lifting.

With full palm protection, it is made with silicon Printed Neoprene, a high-quality material it is waterproof and durable. For a better comfortable workout, it comes with an adjustable Velcro wrist wrap to give the support for heavy lifting. And also it has support given to the thumb as well. The design of this has more ventilation for your palm, so no more sweaty bad smelling gloves.

If you are an enthusiastic person in sports, you already know about Nike shoes and clothing. As a part of their accessories, they have introduced their new range of lifting gloves for a secure and cosy workout. The Dri-fit fabric is used for these gloves to give extra comfort to the palm with perforation to get good ventilation. So these will keep you dry throughout the whole gym session in a safer way.

Harbinger Pro Wrist wrap Weightlifting gloves have a cushioned leather palm with proper air flow.  The resilient open-cell foam in the palm will reduce sweat and make palm dry all the time. Thumb is also covered in leather to avoid abrasion and rubbing against weight bars while lifting. Design of these gloves is very distinctive with the durable double stitches in the palm area. You can buy them in various colours and sizes as well.

The world famous Under Armour has introduced their lifting gloves with extra support for the wrist. With the HeatGear Fabric used in the gloves, you can keep your palm dry all the time. It has padding to put more firmness to the grip as well. Also, you can wipe the sweat away with the thumb panel cloth easily.

All above-mentioned gloves are available in Amazon for online purchasing. These brands may have different colours and sizes as well. Even the brand is good, it is not going to work if you buy the wrong size. So measure your palms and get a size chart before purchasing the gloves online.

weight lifting gloves for mens
weight lifting gloves for mens

Is there any specific weight lifting gloves for women?

There are some manufacturers do weight lifting gloves for men only. Same as that, you can discover lifting gloves for ladies in the market too. When it is made for ladies it is intended to decrease the scouring to keep your palm delicate and smooth. Indeed, females ought to have that smooth palm even they lifting the weights. So keep in your mind to purchase a couple of gloves with thick, breathable cushioning to have a firm hold and rankles free palm. Likewise, focus on the lashes and wrist support also.

Best women’s weight lifting gloves in the market

best womens weight lifting gloves
best womens weight lifting gloves

In the market, you can find a lot of various brands of women’s weight lifting gloves. Some brands can be unisex, or some may wear the same men’s range of lifting gloves. Since we need you to get the perfect fit, here is our pick for the best women’s weight lifting gloves.

Seeu Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wrap

Seeu has made with sturdy material, Lycra fabric for high durability. Also, it reduces sweating and keeps palm dry with the help of a padded silica layer with small holes for ventilation. Their outer cover of the gloves is giving a firm grip with non-slide nature. And the wrist wraps give the best safety for the heavy lifters.

In the fingertips of these gloves, breathable fabrics used with high elastic Lycra material. So you get a free range of motion, where you can easily do some strength training other than lifting.

Where can I buy personalized weight lifting gloves for myself?

If you are looking for a very distinctive, yet simple design for your lifting gloves, you may have to buy a personalized one. But it is not easy to find that kind of shops to buy your own kind of gloves. But recently we have found a few Etsy shops, who will do an incredible job for your requirements.

What is the importance of weight lifting gloves with wrist straps?

personalized weight lifting gloves

As I mentioned earlier, wrist wrap plays a major role in lifting game. So it is better to buy a pair of weight lifting gloves with wrist support. Other than bearing the pressure and help to get fit in the hand, it also protects you from wrist injuries.

Weight lifting gloves and hand supports are very popular among the heavy lifters as it gives you the full strength for the workout. Also, it helps ease the vibrations from external pressure to the palm and wrist. Therefore, make sure you buy gloves with straps to avoid these unfortunate circumstances. Here is our pick for the best weight lifting gloves with the wrist wraps in the market.

ACHIEVE FIT Weightlifting Gloves

ACHIEVE FIT brand is one of the leading brands in the market. It is made of leather, avoiding the sweat with the help of the breathable material in the palm. If you are doing tough shoulder presses and always having that pain in the wrist, this is a better option for you to enjoy the painless workout for shoulders. Also, it is durable, has double-stitched seams to avoid tearing or damages of the leather.

After reading this article, now you know what to look for when buying a pair of weight lifting gloves. Keep these facts in your mind and choose the best one for you.


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