Grant Boxing Gloves

Your Mini Guide for Buying Grant Boxing Gloves in 2020

Grant boxing gloves are known as one of the best and most luxurious brands among famous fighters. Even there are a diversity of types and brand names of the boxing gloves in the market, Grant boxing gloves have been in the top since the early 2000s. There is some world leading players just stick to the Grant boxing gloves all the time. If you see a pro boxing fight there is a possibility of 70% one fighter will be wearing a Grant.

A Brief Look at Grant Worldwide Boxing Gloves

Grant boxing gloves were introduced to the market in 1995 as an American product. With high-quality material, Unique designs and the excellent artistry of the gloves, it became popular in the sports and competition world.

grant worldwide boxing gloves
Grant Worldwide Boxing Gloves

These gloves are unique and have been made as the best gloves in the market with their designs and the excellent artistry of the gloves. Every piece of leather, every stitch and even every single lace are made as a perfect pair of gloves. It’s very comfortable with the padding inside and has the perfect forceful punch for the win. And their designs are so elegant nice to wear and nice to punch with as well. Since Grant boxing gloves are made with higher durability with a unique design it really not cheaply made. Unlikely other top brands, Grant has the best padding in the gloves with the high power transfer, no wonder it became the best in the list.

What Are the Best Grant Boxing Gloves?

There are such a large number of various kinds of gloves that Grant makes. Best one to start with is buying a couple of Grant training gloves to practice and prepare for any boxing competitions that you need to get ready.

The Grant training gloves come in various sizes so you can locate the ideal size for you to wear them easily, and have the capacity to rehearse effectively. They are vast fit as a fiddle, in any case, within these training gloves, they fit firmly and comfortably so your hand does not move around within them while you are having them. When you are using these training gloves, you will need to make sure that they fit you impeccably so you don’t concentrate on how the glove is fitting, and you can concentrate more on the goal.

grant boxing gloves 16oz
Best Grant Boxing Gloves

For competitions, Grant professional fighting gloves are the best gloves to choose. You will need to make sure that you find a pair of gloves that are very lightweight when you wear them, they fit comfortably onto your hand so you can maintain your mind on the goal you need to reach. Here is your complete guide to buying Grant boxing gloves for your next winning game.

This gloves pair is known as one of the best in the market with higher stability. It has a good power transfer, usually comes as two models. If you have any hand problems, you can but their “orthopedic model” or generally horse hair model. Since Grant boxing gloves are a better version of old Mexican gloves which were used for professional fights. It has a compact shape with the original idea of little more padding with custom design options.

8 oz grant boxing gloves
8 OZ Grant Boxing Gloves

These are all handmade with the Mexican features in hit with good power and elegant smooth design. But it is more different than usual Mexican gloves, it has more padding everywhere. All the areas including forearm, wrist and the hand are nicely covered with thick padding while keeping the original shape. Mostly come with laces and the name on the cuff. Colors can be customized and most people choose white Grant boxing gloves in 8oz gloves.

This is another pro fight gloves popular in the market. Usually, 10oz gloves are heavier on your hand but Grant boxing gloves will give you the protection over forearm as well. Same as the 8 oz Grant boxing gloves, the latest design is same, comes in yellow color. But if you get it through a custom order other than a shop, you can always pick the color. Especially you can select flashing metallic colors to be unique in the ring.

With the first years of the business, Grant boxing gloves ranked as one of the highest quality boxing gloves in history. They are simply beautiful, nicely padded and crafted carefully. With the quality and the comfortableness of the gloves surely made it on the top.

Grant has a Velcro version of their gloves for the people who train alone or who don’t have time to tie up the lace. Other than the Velcro it has another unique feature. They use exotic leather such as crocodile, so it’s called Exotic Leather Gloves as well. And prices are the same range as any other Grant boxing gloves. Other than Velcro, they have Grant Triple-Cuff Boxing Gloves with a traditional triple-cuff design which was very successful few years back. With the ribbed-cuff, it is more convenient to keep your laces in a place when you tie around forearms.

Is It Possible to Find Grant Boxing Gloves 16oz in The Market?

Yes, you can always get the Grant worldwide custom boxing gloves if you can’t find them in the shops.  Since 16oz mostly used for sparring, you can contact the seller for a custom order. 16oz Grant boxing gloves have a big compartment for your knuckles.

Where You Can Find Grant Boxing Gloves for Sale?

Will you believe that even this Grant boxing gloves are known as the best in the market, they don’t have a website? Yes, the owner of the company attempted to keep it as a boutique brand. The only way to buy a pair of Grant boxing gloves is with a custom order direct from the company.

grant boxing gloves for sale
Grant Boxing Gloves for Sale

You can also buy Grant gloves in some stores, but isn’t it like cheating yourself out of the way to get your own customized design? You can head into their official Facebook page and choose a picture from the gallery and send them an email. It will take weeks depending on your location, but it is worth waiting to get such great gloves on your hands.

How Much Will Cost for A Custom Grant Boxing Gloves?

Since these are not made cheaply, you will have to invest around 500$ to 1000$ for a pair of gloves if you are getting a custom ordered. Customer orders a unique feature of Mexican brands. You can select various colors, have custom inscriptions, and even fascinating materials including high-quality leather. Unlikely other brands these are all handmade with maximum care for every inch. So these are expensive for a reason and if you really want to win the game, it is all worth it buying a custom pair.

custom grant boxing gloves
Custom Grant Boxing Gloves

What Are the Cheap Grant Boxing Gloves in The Market?

Since the prices are a bit high for Grant boxing gloves, few companies started offering the replicas of the gloves for a cheaper price. So you might see cheaper Mexican boxing gloves with the same brand name. You can easily check the logo printed in the gloves. If it has written a website in the logo, Grants never do that. Because they don’t have a one!

cheap grant boxing gloves
Cheap Grant Boxing Gloves

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