What is cotton gloves

Not your ordinary cotton gloves: A-Z guide to buying the perfect pair

People use different materials to make different things. Ideally, the material is supposed to support and uphold the task it has to do. Technology is a marvelous thing. It has helped us discover various materials and turn them into different productions. One excellent example of this is cotton. Cotton grows on trees and is a famous tree in Asia and Africa. The history of cotton is still unknown. But know for sure when it came to humans to use. Cotton is a soft material that is comfortable for the human body. This is why it is famous among the hotter regions in the world. People use cotton basically to find comfort. The absorbent quality of cotton absorbs heat without making the person uncomfortable. In the industry of gloves, cotton gloves have taken a prominent place due to its qualities. 

What are cotton gloves? 

The industry of gloves has taken a toll on its technology. There are numerous types and kinds of gloves all around the world. People use gloves for various purposes. Plumbing, fire-works, inspection, medicine, food industry, electronics, cleaning, gardening, cooking, beauty industry, and caring for pets are, to name a few. There are gloves made of many types of material. They are cloth, knitted or felted wool, leather, rubber, latex, neoprene, silk, and metal. But with the increase of these cut-resisting, flame-resisting fibers, people have overlooked the essential cotton gloves. You will get a total understanding of cotton gloves, how cotton is processed, and the fantastic benefits they have after reading this.  

What are cotton gloves used for?

You can use cotton gloves for many things. Gloves are generally used to prevent things from touching the body. In other words, it is to protect your hands from contacting with the outside materials. The invention of cotton work gloves has become a famous one among gloves users. Cotton work gloves are cool, absorbent, and comfortable. They are less likely to give allergies to you. Cotton work gloves do not leave scratches and fingerprints, and they are biodegradable by nature. What is best about cotton gloves is, it is actually inexpensive than expensive fiber gloves. But cotton work gloves do a lot more than fiber gloves and are not harmful to the man and the environment. 

Where to buy cotton gloves?

Honestly speaking, you can buy cotton gloves from anywhere. From hardware stores to local stores to gas stations and Amazon, you have various options for purchasing cotton gloves. But the quality of your gloves entirely depends on where you buy them from. Notice small details in your gloves if you want to purchase a par of good quality. Have you noticed the webbing between the ring finger and pinky are lower than the other fingers? Now manufacturers use True Hand Technology (THT) to conform the gloves to the shape of your hands for a better fitting and longer life span. 

Cotton gloves from Amazon.com

Amazon.com is an amazingly versatile online store that you can buy almost anything from. Talking about cotton gloves, you can purchase various kinds of cotton gloves that fit into your needs from Amazon’s online store. Below are some of the products with details on Amazon. 

Cotton jersey work gloves

  • Men’s large jersey work gloves
  • Straight thumb and clute cut
  • The knit cuff is to keep the dirt out
  • 12 pair combo pack

20 pack white cotton gloves – Cosmetic moisturizing gloves for dry hands and eczema, jewelry inspection, and more. 

  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Lock in moisture
  • Costume gloves/ theatrical gloves/ butler gloves/ catering gloves/ funeral cotton gloves
  • Breathable cotton gloves

White cotton coin, silver, jewelry inspection gloves – Medium weight cotton lisle moisturizing gloves

  • Self-hemmed cuff, reversible
  • 100% cotton
  • The thumb is sewn separately for comfortable fitting
  • Six pair combo pack

Beige string knit gloves – Elastic knit wrist with seamless knit. 

  • Ambidextrous gloves
  • High-quality string gloves
  • Ideal for assembly, inspection, landscaping, and warehouses
  • Reusable

White cotton gloves in large size for coin and jewelry inspection

  • Washable and reusable
  • Thin work gloves fit for the material, matted photographs, archival and art handling, and jewelry inspection

Eczema sensitive cotton gloves suitable for dry hands and irritated skin. 

  • One size fits most
  • High-quality think bright white cotton gloves
  • 100% cotton
  • Treats hand eczema and recommended by dermatologists.

Cara moisturizing eczema cotton gloves

  • Comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Reusable

The cotton gloves mentioned above are readily available on Amazon, and all you have to do is to click ‘purchase.’ You can get your favorite pair or combo pack of cotton gloves to your doorstep. There are many other websites, such as Reddit, eBay, and Alibaba, to purchase cotton work gloves.  

Industries suitable for cotton gloves – electronics, inspection, food

You can use cotton gloves in many industries. Modern cotton gloves are not ordinary. They are highly versatile with many uses. There are numerous industries that can benefit from this cost-effective material.

Electronics: If you’re dealing with gauges that are sensitive to electrostatic dissipation (ESD), then you require gloves that are somewhat conductive. That’s because the glove’s surface does not hold a charge. If you want a glove to guard components from skin oils and salts, plain cotton gloves are your solution. Cotton’s cellulose fibers preserve some level of moisture, which makes them slightly conductive. This makes them enough for ESD defense purposes.

inspection gloves cotton
inspection gloves cotton

Inspection: Cotton is frequently the top choice for inspection areas in automotive, industrial, and assembly industries because cotton work gloves do not leave fingerprints. Cotton takes away the oils and moisture from your skin to prevent pollution from parts. Cotton gloves will also not scratch or tarnish parts, and they have fantastic scratch-resistant properties.

Food: In the food industry, things can get messy and dirty. Since you can wash cotton gloves, they are perfect for your food business as long as you do not require cut resistance. Using cotton gloves is also excellent in the food industry because it does not have any chemicals to react with food’s juices and components. 

How are cotton gloves made?

Out of the many productions of cotton, gloves are one of the most amazing ones. Cotton gloves are comfortable, durable, and absorbent. It is one of the most fantastic solutions for gloves. Textile mills take raw cotton and process it into yarn or a fabric. You can make cotton gloves in two ways. You can either knit or cut-and-sew the gloves. If the glove is made of yarn, it is what we call ‘knitted cotton glove.’ If the fabric is used to make gloves, we call it ‘cut-and-sewn’ gloves. 

Cut-and-sewn gloves

Cut-and-sewn cotton work gloves are comfortable and soft. They use cotton fabric to make these gloves. Fist, raw cotton turns into a fabric. Then, in the cutting room, people cut cotton fabrics for various sizes. Afterward, they sew the cut parts to make perfect cotton gloves. This process does not require high-technical machines or procedures. Comparatively, cut-and-sewn gloves are more comfortable with making. A downside of cut-and-sewn cotton work gloves is it involves a lot of human resources. It also wastes a lot of fabric as they cut the fabric into different shapes.     

Seamless knit

The industrial machine makes cotton yarns. Seamless knit cotton gloves are highly technical. But there is no noticeable difference between the knitted gloves and the cut-and-sewn gloves. Therefore, it actually comes down to personal preference. However, there is a good side of seamless knit cotton gloves. Unlike cut-and-sewn gloves, these gloves do not have seams, which make it comfortable to wear. It is also less prone to tearing apart. It conforms better to your hand, and you can wash these gloves to keep them clean. 

Types of cotton gloves

While there are many types of gloves, there are six main gloves known for its use. The categorization is done in a way that they fit into different scenarios. Unknowingly, if you have been buying the standard ‘one size fits all’ cotton gloves from the local store or online store, you probably must be making your work or hobby harder than it should be. Go through the types of gloves below and choose your gloves wise for better performance. Not only will you protect your hands by using the correct type of cotton gloves, but also you make your work easier. You will also find out that the dexterity in your hands is high, and you are getting your tasks done quicker and more efficiently. 

String gloves

String gloves

String gloves are the most common kind of cotton glove. These types of gloves are all-purpose, which means that these gloves are great in a pinch or for jobs that haven’t been fully defined. Look out for different gloves ratings, which refer to the number of stitches per inch – a higher number is generally indicative of a better quality glove. A higher number of stitches per inch also means the gloves won’t leak. Cotton gloves manufacturers make more string gloves because the demand for this type of gloves is high compared to other types. This is, in fact, the most basic type of gloves that are available everywhere. 

Dotted or coated gloves

Dotted gloves

These kinds of cotton gloves have a dotted style or some sort of textured coating, which enhances the wearer’s grip. The texture or dotted style is present on the palm and fingers of the gloves. Dotted or coated cotton gloves are generally used for carrying stuff and inspection for a better grip. When it comes to carrying heavy things or inspecting something, you need a strong grip. Other types of cotton gloves sometimes make the job harder. That is why it is vital to choose the right kind of cotton gloves for your work. 

Jersey gloves

Made to be comfortable, jersey gloves are usually available in darker color shades, and you can use them in work that involves light abrasion. This type of gloves is ideal for outside work that includes dirt and landscaping. You can use these cotton gloves for gardening as well. 

Jersey gloves

Chore gloves

Chore gloves have a cotton shell around them that makes them stronger for light-duty style work. They generally are made with a lining to upsurge the wearer’s comfort as well as to maximize the airflow so that they aren’t quite as hot to wear because of the shell.

Chore gloves

Hotmill gloves

Hotmill gloves are suitable for work that involves moderate heat contact over a lengthened period of time. Hot mill cotton gloves have layers to protect the skin against heat. But they are not heat resistant. Some styles of hotmill gloves come with a lining that snares hot or warm air and acts as an insulator towards the skin. 

Hot mill gloves

Terry gloves

Terry gloves are readily available in most local stores. These general-purpose gloves can deliver the user with a small degree of heat and scrape resistance. 

Terry gloves

Cotton gloves for heat resistance

Cotton is naturally an insulator which has excellent heat degradation. Cotton starts to begin a change in color after several hours of heat exposure at 250oF and will drastically reduce the temperature around 450oF. The cotton begins to become yellow when contacted with heat. This means, if your tasks involve low amounts of heat, you do not need to go for expensive gloves. You can get a cost-effective pair of cotton gloves that resist heat. 

Cotton gloves for flame resistance

Natural or raw cotton should not come in contact with fire as they burn readily and quickly. But chemically, you can reduce its flammability to be able to withstand fire. During the spinning process, to make cotton yarns and fibers, you can add flame retardants into them to make them less flammable. People combine fibers like acrylic, rayon, and olefin that are flame-resistant while spinning cotton. If not, they chemically change the flammability of cotton yarns and fibers. 

Cotton and biodegradability

Biodegradability of a product means that it has the ability to break down through the actions of microorganisms. When it comes to cotton gloves, the good news is, it is biodegradable by nature. Therefore, it is very healthy for the atmosphere and environment. Unlike lab-made textiles and artificial fibers, cotton fibers degrade by microorganisms into nature and harm nothing. It releases no harmful gases or particles into the environment and air. Cotton can degrade on its own without the help of an exterior material. Most of the time, cotton deteriorates on its own in less than a month. 

What is fantastic about this product is, it contributes to helping global warming and the greenhouse effect. Using cotton gloves does not harm the environment and is an ecologically healthier choice of gloves compared to other materials. Most of the different materials used in the gloves industry do not decay on their own and do not degrade. The wasted materials stay in the environment, later turning into harmful debris that pollutes the environment. 

The world is adopting a biodegradable nature in all its manufacturing processes. Not only cotton gloves, but also coffee cups, bags, and other products are now being made using biodegradable materials to help the environment. In the USA, using cotton gloves has become a wise choice compared to other materials because it is helping a lot to reduce environmental pollution. 

Are cotton gloves reusable? 

The shortest answer to the question is yes. Why do we use gloves? We use gloves because we do not want any contact with what we are handling. Of course, the gloves will become dirty and dusty after using them. Most gloves, including latex, rubber, and metal, can be washed. But you can use disposable gloves only once. 

Are cotton gloves reusable

Talking about cotton gloves, they tend to get dirtier than other types of gloves because they are fabric. But cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to wash and clean. While washing, the gloves may expand because it absorbs most of the water. Cotton is very absorbent. But while drying, the gloves will return to their average size, evaporating all the water. Cotton is also one of the fewest materials in the world to increase its tenacity while it is wet. Hence, you do not have to think about washing cotton gloves in your washing machine. The heavy washing cycle in your washing machine is not going to do any harm to the cotton gloves. 

Thank goodness for cotton’s thermal properties, you can dry them in the machine dryer without fearing degradation. Cotton gloves are, therefore, one of the best options for gloves for your work around the house and workplace. 

How to wash cotton gloves properly.

If you want to protect and sustain any product that you are using, it is crucial that you take care of them. Every material is different. There is a way to wash cotton gloves if you want to maintain the gloves for a more extended period of time. You have to be watchful because it is fabric. Let us see how to wash cotton gloves properly without damaging the texture, color, and quality. 

Step one is to select the right temperature of the water. You have to use warm water (around 105oF) to wash your pair of cotton gloves. Then you have to add detergent to it. You can use your regular detergent to rinse your gloves. If the gloves are stained, you can use bleach to get rid of the stains. Lastly, you have to tumble dry on low or no heat to get the pair of glove back to the average size. Even if you are using the machine dryer, beware of high heat settings as the gloves can shrink. 

Cotton gloves – hacks to get the most out of your gloves.

Improve your grip: You can add PVC dots to the palm and finger of your cotton gloves for a better grip. 

Choose your color wisely (black cotton gloves): White gloves show dirt the fastest. If you are working with dirt and dust a lot, choose a color that does not show much of dirt on the glove surface. Sometimes, because we choose the wrong color, we tend to throw the gloves away even before their time is up. 

Get ambidextrous gloves: When one side of your pair is starting to wear off, swap the hands for a whole new pair of gloves. In that way, you can double the life span of a couple of cotton gloves. 

cotton work gloves
cotton working gloves

Not your ordinary glove!

Cotton gloves are not like other gloves. There are many materials used to manufacture gloves. But cotton gloves can be named as the healthiest and safest gloves to use. Cotton is a natural material that absorbs heat and degrades by themselves. It is healthy for you and the surrounding. The world is adopting many ways of making cotton gloves. There are various types of cotton gloves that are designed to do multiple tasks. If you choose your gloves correctly, you can genuinely take advantage of the fantastic product. Many countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and most of the European countries have vast manufacturers of cotton gloves in their regions. The natural ability to cool down and provide comfort is one of the main reasons why cotton is so popular among people. Even though cotton attire is expensive, cotton gloves are relatively cheaper than other types of gloves. 

Final thoughts: Cotton gloves serve as a solution to modern problems 

As we have seen the many benefits and advantages of cotton and cotton gloves, we can clearly state that it is the recent-most solution to many problems we face today. The whole world is adopting biodegradable manufacturing to save the Earth. Cotton gloves do just the same as they are biodegradable by nature. 100% cotton gloves are excellent for dry hands and hand eczema as well. Where else can you get gloves that help you get work done and treat your hand condition? There are many industries that benefit from cotton gloves, as described earlier. The food industry, inspection, and home use are some of the primary purposes of cotton work gloves. Apart from that, you can also use cotton work gloves in butlery, catering, costume making, and theatre. 

To summarize, cotton has many advantages to the human. It is highly absorbent, which is cooling and comforting while wearing. The biodegradability in cotton helps the environment immensely. Out of the many products made in cotton, cotton work gloves take an essential place in the gloves industry. The history of cotton denotes that it has been man’s friend since 5500BC or so. Since the discovery of cotton, people have been using cotton in various forms and uses. Later, people found out that gloves too can be made in cotton to help people in many ways. Hence came up with the idea to knit or cut-and-sew the gloves that fit into different categories of work. After they reached the market, people started seeing the amazing benefits of using cotton gloves over other types of gloves. Therefore, one should never overlook the necessary, cost-effective cotton gloves as it is cable of many things. 

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